Shira Rubin

Jerusalem, Israel

Shira is a freelance digital journalist currently based in Jerusalem. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, the Times of Israel, the Jewish Chronicle and MSNBC, among others.

Shira is pursuing a Masters degree in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at Hebrew University, and is conducting a research project on the role of Palestinian women in the struggle for a Palestinian national identity.

She has previously worked as an intern at the Associated Press and at the Jerusalem Post, where she wrote for their online editions.

During her undergraduate studies at New York University, Shira studied post-colonialism and African art in Ghana, gender studies in Argentina, and Middle Eastern politics in Tel Aviv. She graduated from NYU with a BA in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies and Religious Studies in May 2010, and was then accepted as a US State Department Critical Language fellow to study Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian dialect in Cairo.

Shira has an obsession with words and the evolution of language as cultural indicators, and has a passion for living on the road.

Shira speaks Arabic, Hebrew and French.

  • Work
    • Freelance Journalist
  • Education
    • NYU, BA in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies; Religious Studies