Shiraz Ahmed

Executive Coach, Business School Faculty, and Author in Karachi, Pakistan

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Shiraz is an Executive Coach, Leadership Development Consultant, Faculty, Author and Speaker. He has worked with the professionals from US, UK, APAC, ASA and MENA regions. He has spoken and facilitated sessions to foreign diplomat , global CEOs, business leaders, functional heads from Fortune 100 companies.

He has been coached and trained on Global Leadership Development and Executive Coaching programs by foreign coaches and faculty of British Council, Oliverwyman and CIRRUS. He is also an IFC-Business Edge (World Bank) and USAID trained trainer.

Presently, Shiraz is associated with CIRRUS as Leadership Coach. Recently he has coached CRO of ASEAN region for COO role. These days, Shiraz is coaching senior executives, HiPOs and CEOs’ successors from APAC and ASA region for fortune-100 company. His clients come from Pharmaceuticals, Banking and Finance, Energy and many more. Shiraz is the founder of BLC (Business Leaders Conference), which is attended by Business Leaders, CEOs, Functional heads and Senior Executives. He also publishes TEB and Marketing Review magazines. He teaches in business school and regularly interviews CEOs and functional heads!

  • Education
    • MS in Management Sciences