Sebastian Palacio Echeverri

Student, Dancer, and Musician in Montpellier, Francia

Work out with me

Hello, my name is Sebastian Palacio Echeverri, I'm 22 years old and right now I'm doing my last year of study in Montpellier business school.At the end of my studies I will obtain 3 major degrees: Economics and Business Management from ICESI University in Colombia and International Business Administration from Montpellier Business School in France.

I have a broad international experience in many countries such as Colombia, Russia, France and United States which have led me to acquire skills such as Leadership, understanding of international business dynamics and preference for diversity as well as the four languages I currently dominate.

I'm very passionate for international business and marketing as I am very analytical but also creative and energetic, this has led me to considerate that I can fully develop my professional potential in a multinational company with roles such as manager and marketing director.

My working experience in Banco de Occidente and the feedback I got back showed me that I am totally suit for either the marketing or the financial fields.If you are interested in developing business with me, don't hesitate to contact me.