Shireen Fernandez

International: Sydney, Kuala Lumpur and India.

Passionate, dedicated and committed.

At present, I work with AIM Screening, the background screening arm of RISQ Group. AIM Screening is a passionately driven Security and Investigations firm. I champion the Business Development function and work across departments in Client Relations, Sales, PR & Marketing.

I have also started my own company, Destination Success, aimed at inspiring young people through leadership, motivation, skill and capacity building.

My career background extends across the Broadcasting and Media Industry, PR and Communications, Events, Management as well as International Relations.Prior to that I was extensively involved in the print and broadcast media, public relations and engaging stakeholders.

Determined to make every opportunity count, every experience enriching and every day matter, I took on every chance to gain valuable experience which has not only added invaluable experience to my portfolio but provided me with the priceless opportunity for knowledge acquisition, skill and capacity building.

Through my years of work, volunteer experience and personal endeavours, I have been fortunate to meet many inspiring people whose insight, advice and guidance helped me add strength to strength. From them I have learnt the essence of leadership, the value or hard work and the importance of commitment to each and every undertaking.

In the next 3 years, I aspire to gain as much International Managerial experience as possible.

In 5 years, I intend to lead a team in the Asia Pacific and Oceanic Region. My long term goal is to head a Corporate Organization and specialize in International Development and Relations, specifically influencing policy development, market positioning and spearheading new strategies in leadership, training and development of teams in the organization I work for through corporate collaboration, networking and relationship building.

  • Work
    • AIM Screening, RISQ Group
  • Education
    • International Relations, International Communications