Shirika Gomillion

Shirika Gomillion

Shirika Gomillion, is the Founder and CEO of S Accounting Solutions, Inc. Our accounting firm provides comprehensive accounting and tax services for all individuals and small businesses worldwide. We are a well-respected firm with a reputation for expertise and integrity.Our firm works with clients across many different industries and different types of businesses. YES, We've got the experience and expertise needed to help you manage your business better.

started her career in several financial and real estate large corporations, paying her dues as a "number-cruncher". Which positioned her as followed: Senior Loan Processor, Senior Loan Closer and DU Underwriter. There she learned the discipline and attention to detail necessary transactions. The over the last several years in accounting where she gained the experience of working with a wide diversity of clients, large and small. There she honed her career as a Tax Advisor, Accountant and Auditor by using her skills and the knowledge understanding of "what the numbers mean" in terms of tracking, managing and predicting the future of businesses. It was here too that she discovered her true calling - Helping people, helping business owners and professionals to being more successful. With her new found purpose, she formed her own company in 2009.

Wow... Shirika,

Is always on the go with her hands in a variety of industry pots of being the Founder and CEO of everything! In October, 2011; Shirika partnered with the franchise company Community Income Tax.

Then in November, 2011; She Palace was formed and Shirika has aligned herself with the industry's top designers and manufacturers providing the latest high quality name brand collections in Style Maven, Fashionista & Haute Couture!


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