Shirley Nichols

Abilene, Texas

About me hmmm....... I am 30/bi/f, who is wiccan, a mother, a friend, a sister, a daughter. Family means everything to me and not just the ones related to me either. I have the most awesome best friends that I have known forever. I love arts and crafts, music, hanging with friends, watching movies and photography, also should mention I am a big horror fan. Love Steven King, I've read all his books. In life we choose many paths to which we follow and outcomes are part of the fun that life has given us. The paths that I choose to follow are part of who I am. I am me and thats all I can ever be, for I am proud of who I am, what I can be and the fact that I am not ashamed of me. Each person in my life has helped in some way or another for me to be who I am suppose to be. I love each and every one of you all very much.

  • Work
    • The Home Depot
  • Education
    • Orange Glen High
    • Austin Community College