ShirleyAlexis ~Survivor&Healer~ Johnson-Brady

Life Coach, Volunteer, and Writer in Bellingham, Washington

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I am a Life Coach, Published Author, Crisis Group Founder and Facilitator, Emotional Healer for Adult Survivors of Traumatic Childhood Abuse, Mental Health Stigma Fighter, and an Advocate for Abused Children, Foster Children, and an Adoptee's Rights Advocate, currently living in Bellingham, Washington.

My interests range from Crisis Support and Suicide Prevention, Support for Causes, Charities, and Non-profit Organizations, and Volunteer advocacy, with a PASSION for HELPING the ABUSED discover their PATH towards HEALING and a budding TALENT for WRITING for the COMFORT and RECOVERY of others.

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  • Work
    • Advocate for Abused Children
  • Education
    • Cognitive Skills Practice
    • Dialectical Behavior Modification Practice
    • Positive Life Transformation Coach
    • Inspirational and Professional Leadership
    • Positive-Mindset Transformation Coach