Shirley Eves Developmental And Therapeutic Center

Early Intervention:

Early intervention services are designed for infants and toddlers, from birth to age 3, who have developmental delays or disabilities. Early intervention is a family centered, home-based program, providing therapy, special education, and family support. Referrals for Early Intervention services are coordinated through Special Child Health Services Units at the County Health Departments. Early intervention services are administered through N.J. Department of health and senior services.

Hotel Respite:

This is a chance for individuals with disabilities, who are registered with the Division of Developmental Disabilities, to spend a weekend away from home and enjoying various community activities with trained respite workers. Some of the activities include, bur are not limited to: eating out, movies, visits to Lancaster, going shopping, goign to the aquarium, and bowling. There is no cost to the families for this program.

In-Home Respite:

This program sends a trained respite worker into the homes of individuals with disabilities to give caregivers a much needed break from the daily responsibility of caring for their disabled family member. In home respite helps to maintain and enhance the quality of family life over the life span of an individual with disabilities.

Toy Library/Lekotek:

Lekotek is a network of toy lending and family support programs for families with children who have special needs. Children from birth to age 8 years are visited in their home by a social worker or early childhood educator for play sessions and toy loans. The mission of Lekotek is to use play to stimulate a child's development and to strengthen family relationships. Lekotek also helps link families with vital community sources. Lekotek believes that options and information empower families to take control of their lives.

Project Open House:

Project open house provides for the building of ramps which allow disabled persons to enter and leave their own homes with dease. This program promotes independence, self-sufficiency and equality of opportunity through accessibility. Ramps provide the opportunity for a disabled person to fully participate in everyday community life.

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