Shirley Kim

For my life, I often felt lucky, for the good times as well as for the bad times. I felt lucky for all the experiences I had and all the great people I met. I am forever grateful for all the kindness and generosity people have shared with me from Asia to America. I thank my dreams.

When I was 17, I dreamed with a friend to study in the USA. 10 years later, I was studying my MBA degree at an US campus. I then dreamed of working at corporate America as inspired by the movie "Working Girl". A few years later, I found myself working as middle management at corporate America for over 15 years. Along the way, I lost my dream for some years and life has lost its definite purpose until a new dream came to my life - a dream for financial freedom. With this dream, I found a great company that provides with such a business platform with proven success records and non-stop innovations like ageLOC, through which I would build a global network to realize my dream and help others build and realize their dreams as well. It all because I believe dreams do come true. Do you have a dream?