Shirley Register

Operations Manager and Writer in Raleigh, North Carolina

I am a writer trapped in a mothers world. The minute I get the food put away and the dishes cleaned, someone walks in hungry again. If I had to animate the moments I try to get some quiet time, you would see me rise up like an army of massive warriors avenging their mothers death. It's that serious. I guess you would also see me melt like an ice cube on the sidewalk in June when my child said "please".

I love words, thoughts and inspiration. I have so much to do, so much inspiration, so many ideas yet time remains the most elusive criminal.

I am a multi-family expert working with THE best employer in the industry. I have a drive for incredible, focused and respectful customer care. I believe that the way you handle things will make or break you. I see time as an investment that is not to be wasted on principal. I am a "Brand" nerd and am committed to upholding my employers expectation and image.

I am currently working on several projects in the 12 minutes I find on Saturday mornings while my youngest takes gymnastics. The class is an hour but after I text witty come-backs, check Facebook and make sure she sees me watching her I usually have about 12 minutes left.

I'm irritable, passionate, animated and worthy. I'm old enough to know I don't need anyone's validation. I'm on the edge of amazing and surrounded by beautiful and precious people.

These are the days and I'll get all I can from them.

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