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somewhere in Canada

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helloooo my name is abbey and welcome to my byf!!

♡ kins:

kanaya maryam (homestuck)

ando ruruka (dr3)

genocider syo (dr1)

shirogane tsumugi (ndrv3, questioning)

i dont believe that im any of these characters trapped in a human body or anything, i just love being tagged as them!! its kinda a comfort thing. im 100% ok with u following if you double i just won't be tagging you as any of these characters!! u can also call me by any of these kin names. if u want me to add ur kin to my friend kins thing i certainly can!!

♡ friend kins:

max (@makotonagi): naegi makoto

chisa (@chisayukiizome): chisa yukizome (dont follow), hiyori iki, junichiro

♡ dfi:

you fit general byf criteria (homophobic, transphobic, etc)

know me irl (ask if you're close to me, if not don't)

♡ comforts:


makoto naegi!!

chiaki nanami!!!!!!!!!

juzo sakakura!!!

♡ once you're done:

dm me a pic of one of my kins or comforts!! tysm for reading!