hello I am chloe and im a smol meme who really loves cats!!!here are my kins


Shiro - No Game No Life

Chiaki Nanami - SDR2

ENE - KagePro

Nozomi Tojo - Love Live!

Memoca - WATGBS


Hatsuse Izuna - NGNL

Hiyoko Saionji - SDR2


none yet

please do not follow if you post:

•Eye gore.. That's the only gore I can't take.

•Animal abuse


•Self harm

•You won't see me or my friends as their kins

thank you for reading this, pls dm me a pic of any one of my kins to be accepted!!

NOTE: when I say I'm "fiction kin", I don't mean that I'm literally the RECREATION of this character. I relate to them and see similarities in the character and myself. I'm not sure if that's not the right term for "fiction kin" but that's what goes by me. I'm sorry if this is incorrect!!