Shirt and cufflinks

The twins, also called cufflinks are an accessory that while you take a classic costume always look fabulous.

The twins are part of the shirt and it is imperative that you choose the groom because it must be combined with other accessories bearing. For example, if your boyfriend thinks wearing a watch that day (and should use it because being late to church is NOT an option), the twins should be combined with it. There would fit a silver watch with gold cuff links ...

There are twins of different shapes and materials, round, square, inlaid stone on silver or gold. And even there with the most unusual shapes (heart shapes, guitars, etc.)

The silver twins are cute and discreet, and gold a little more elegant and attractive. If other are inlaid in precious stones, semi-precious, brightness up much color and is very attractive.

Remember all your accessories should keep a perfect harmony with the rest of your outfit, and ultimately are the ones that give the finishing touch to your outfit.