Nicknamed Alfie

Student in Auckland, New Zealand

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I live in Auckland

Happily Taken 💕

LVL 15

I attend Macleans College


D-irty people that don't shower


S-alty things (people and fries included)

L-osing people you love

I-nability to to complete things

K-ind people getting tossed aside


S-trict as fuck teachers


L-oyal people

I-nto the woods

K-mart bc everything's cheap

E-ating. Like, a lot

S-assy natured people


🌸You can kik me @Alu.ser

My favourite food is Pasta

I'm allergic to leeks

I become a fucking ninja when it comes to mosquitos

My first Pokemon game was Yellow

I'm an animal lover

1 cockatiel

2 cats

2 Rabbits

And Ricky

  • Work
    • Future air hostess
  • Education
    • Macleans College