shiunko kyu

n1968, Matsue’s teacher and Acupuncturist Koichi Ando used Shinto totreat his aunt’s cancer infection and had developed from thisexperience.


(あんどう じょういち)が癌の叔母の患部の化膿に皮膚用の



Ms.Koshiishiresearched temperature, moxa strain and grade, type and amount ofShiunko cream, tightness of moxa, number of moxa cone, speed andrhythm.

Koshiishisensei has researched every facet of her treatment, including moxa;strain, grade and temperature, size and tightness of cone, numberspeed and rhythm of cones. Shiunko; formula and amount. She did thisin order to enable patients that are usually moxa - contraindicatedto receive treatment. Such patients included those with sensitiveskin, children, elderly and difficult cases including fibromyalgia,facial paralysis and atopic dermatitis.

AtKoshiishi sensei’s clinic in Tokyo, her students are trained toestimate and control the temperature of their moxa cones.

Senseiis very excited to teach this class, the first ever outside of Japan,and hopes that all of your patients will receive the benefits ofShiunko Kyu.

Themerits of Shiunko Kyu

1.The relaxing, warm and gentle moxa often sends her patients into adeep sleep.