Shiv raj

New Delhi, India.

Internet Marketing V/s Traditional MarketingThis is 21 century, the century of innovation and technologies. Mankind is getting digital. We are in a era of virtual reality.

Before starting this topic, I would like to give an overview about what Internet marketing is. In lay man’s term internet marketing may be defined as any marketing activities taking place on internet. This definition sounds same as of traditional marketing, but is it same??, NO , may be end result of both activities is sales, that is why we do marketing. But complexities and process are very different both practices have pros and cons. Let’s start over comparison with the help of following points.1. Cost.Cost is the most important aspect of marketing. Companies allot marketing budgets for their campaigns. Return on investments purely depends on cost incurred to promote a product.

Internet Marketing is more cost effective as compared to Traditional Marketing.
The starting cost of internet marketing is only a fraction of the lakhs of rupees that Yellow Pages, television ads and radio ads cost. For example, you can get a free listing on various online directories like,, , google local ,, Etc that will be as effective as a costly Ad on Yellow Pages.
In addition, while traditional ads on television or radio or on print media are very expensive and run only for a short time. You can never analyze how many people viewed your Ad where as Ads on Internet are on per per click basis i.e you have to pay only when someone click on your Ad, this makes online advertisement more cost effective and hence increases ROI.
2. Wide Reach.
When it comes to Internet Marketing there are no geographical boundaries. In short world is your play ground. You can target anyone sitting anywhere in the world. As compared to traditional marketing your executives have to travel places which add on to cost and reduce ROI.

3. Increase Brand Awareness.
According to studies it’s said that it took coca cola 100 years to reach this level of brand awareness similar levels of brand awareness where achieved by face book in 6 years, what’s app in 4 years. This shows how fast you can promote your brand and that too with our any geographical boundaries.

4. Niche Marketing.
One of the best features of Internet Marketing is that you can target customers according t