Shiv Shenoy

online entrepreneur, author, and PMP coach in Bengaluru, India

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After working for over 15 years in the corporate world, Shiv gave in to the urge of making a positive impact in the lives of as many people around the world as he can. He left the high-paying job to start on entrepreneurial journey beginning with his first love – Project Management – with consulting and coaching.

Shiv started an Online Education company, and in the process learned about various aspects of Online Business – Digital Marketing, Marketing planning, Execution and Tracking, Customer acquisition, Consumer Behavior study, and Conversions for Revenue increase.

Shiv relentlessly dabbles in various Online Business models & Traffic Strategies and figures what works and what does not. He learns from his own failures and successes, and from leading coaches, applies them in his business, gets results and then teaches the same to his students.

He mixes his Corporate Insights (from previous life), Engineering approach to problem solving, Digital Marketing skills (from current businesses), Behavioral Economics principles (from Duke University program) and results of his Online Business (ad)ventures to help individuals as well as Small & Medium businesses start, grow and profit MASSIVELY from their online presence.

Shiv lives on the suburbs of Bangalore (away from the pollution he'd bear for 5hrs of daily commute while in a job) with his wife and two lovely kids, and in his free time he practices painting, photography, yoga and plays flute.

Whether you are in a job looking to build a strong passive income, or run your own business, Shiv can help you take your game to the next level on the Internet!

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  • Education
    • BVB College of Engg & Tech, Hubli
    • IIM Bangalore