Shiva Ayala

Program Manager, Technology Consultant, and Business Partner in San Diego, California

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I am a seasoned technology leader with 15 years of total IT experience – the last 7 of which are in managing strategic programs/portfolios and providing a consistent value stream delivery for companies of various sizes. I am experienced in translating an organization’s vision into technology solution and provide a 1-3-5 year road map to achieve their vision by

- Internally optimizing/transforming their business processes and/or capabilities

- To help transform their business by adopting new business models and/or new digital products or services

- To build a digital business platform

- To create a new digital customer experience/platform/channels

I helped organizations to be competitive in the technology landscape by delivering solutions in areas like ERP/CRM application development & delivery, system integration, technology refreshes, information/data architecture, business process modelling/automation, Product Management to support their digital transformation effort in

- public and private sectors

- in multiple verticals like healthcare and life sciences, technology, media and telecommunications and higher education.

- And in both on-prem and in-cloud solutions (or a combination of both)

To objectively define my experience, I’d say that I managed projects in the range of $2mil - $5mil budgets (CAPEX + OPEX) spanning over 1-3-year period and I’ve managed teams up to 16 full time employees and/or up to 60+ in a project-based reporting structure.

In my current role as a Delivery Manager/Director at Pro Karma, I am responsible for account mgmt., project finances and service delivery for multiple programs within SDG&E. I am currently managing major digital transformation initiatives within SDG&E. If I were to divide my responsibilities into categories, I would put them 3 major buckets – Acct. mgmt., Delivery mgmt. and Finance Mgmt.

  • Work
    • Delivery Manager/Director
  • Education
    • MBA in Business Administration
    • MS in Computer Science