Shiva Fauziah S

Hello.............My name's Shiva Fauziah S but commonly called ciprut, encip, paul hahaha.

At home I really love me a very cute rabbit name is momo hihi!!!!! And i very very very like STITCH he was cute and handsome disney character♥♥♥

I was the girl who "cueeeeeek" but sometimes whiny especially if already on feelings-_____-if already care about someone would not cave clay from her physical appearance if someone wrote it've made comfortable and happy I made ​​it pretty anyway hehehehe. Sometimes I look in envy people who already dating years wooowwwwwww cave directly thinkers. so when I get rich? wheeeenn? wheeennnn?????? of the people who used the cave has never been the same old dating, most only a few months and sometimes a few days-_-shitttttttttt wkw

l like Seeing that guy at the mosque let alone wear koko aaaaaaaaaaaaa so handsome! Most hate boys who usually only hold promise lef people for granted, hello? You think people do not have a heart? stupid~

Honestly I really like best as the name FLOWER ROSES! the rose is a symbol of love according to the cave! and I certainly believe God has a wonderful plan for us and the only time the answer:'')