Shivam Chowdhary

Hey there, I’m Shivam.

I'm a technology enthusiast and freak who is solely driven and motivated by it,At the pace it is changing,And we all know it is rapidly evolving .

Its been almost a year since I have been out of my university and I have learnt a lot this corporate jungle .

In my free time I try to learn new technologies and read about them .I feel there's a storm coming which is going to uproot the customs and norms of every dimension .With AI,IoT,BlockChain,Machine Learning coming into the scene .

These technologies are literally going to be the game changers .

Being a Noob, My brain can already think of a plethora of ideas connecting all the dots in these new technologies,I really can't imagine what you might be going through .

Apart from technology ,I am a fitness enthusiast who's been hitting the gym for 2 years now and have started cross fit . Yeah,Living the WOD life .

As I said adapting and enduring with the current trends . That's me in a nutshell;