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Sydney, Australia

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I do not live to endure but to enjoy those deep moments which we normally take as banal everyday stuff. This blog is not some personal wall where I am going to post my photos of my latest adventures but a board to go deep and discuss those moments and factors which can make us a zero or a hero.

So much goes on in life that its hard to make sense most of the time or rather its hard to make an effort to make sense out of life. Small things matter the most. Its normally the most minute of things that make the biggest effect in our life. Most of our energies are spend in taking care of the biggest issues in life. Small things are least prioritized and thats where things start changing.

What led to the “occupy movement" was again something minute which most of us would pass as everyday stuff and rather be happy to lead our monotonous, myopic, obsessed, inefficient and unhealthy lifestyle.

Well I do not want to stretch it too far in this very first post but promise you to present and share some very different and important perspectives to our life, events and affairs.

More will keep rolling.

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