Shivam Batra

Public Speaker, Volunteer, and MECHANICAL ENGINEER in Gabon

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Is it really necessary to start your Introduction with "I am" Or "My Name Is", "I graduated from". I personally think Yes until no one knows you, until you,re not famous enough & I am not famous though.

Let's Start..Well I am Shivam BATRA born in the Queen of hills, mussoorie, bought up in the city of mafia, Meerut. "Yes it is". Though Iam not the one but yes I look like way. Meerut is also famous for some good things like the 1857 Independence Mission, Scissors, Sports equipments, etc. FYI Meerut & Mussoorie are in INDIA & I am an Indian, this I am telling because while writing only I started feeling as if I am the most famous celebrity of "Somewere", "Nowhere". Jokes apart; I did my schooling from Meerut Public School, Meerut & after that I went to Dehradun (Graphic Era University) for Bachelors in Technology, I completed my Mechanical Engineering in the Year 2013 & got placed d in KK Spun Pipe Private Limited as a Graduate Engineer Trainee, worked for 1 yearr at 2 different locations Rajasthan & MP in India & after that moved to Hyderabad for GATE ENtrance exam education, meanwhile got the biggest opportunity of my life to work in Olam International Limited, Gabon. The opportunity that converted a local boy to NRI. Meanwhile in between i had been to Malaysia for 3 months on a business trip as a Research Engineer.

Personally, I love Travelling, Exploring new cultures, traditions & places. Love to be alone & with nature. Any kind of adventure is always what i search for. Until 2014 I traveled 17 States of India but now I can say along with 5 countries too.

  • Work
    • Olam International Limited
  • Education
    • Meerut Public School