Shivam Dikshit

"Lyf is series of pulls bak n forth. You wanna do one thing, but ure bound to do sumthing else. Something hurts u, yet u no it should'nt. You take certain things forgranted even wen u no you shud never take anything for granted. A tension of opposites, like a pull on a rubber band & most of us live sumwhere in the middle.." -Tuesdays With Morrie Mitch Albom We travel the journey of lyf once, today's moments becomes tomorrow's memories so enjoy every moment gud or bad, bcoz the gift of lyf is lyf itself & Im quite sure tht there is no such thing as a perfect life but we can fill it with perfect moments. From wot I know tht at the end of the game the king & the pawn goes in the same box... I deciphered tht lyf is all abt having a gud tym so just luv watever u do or do woteva u luv...but do take charge of lyf before death steals it from you. Life givs and takes but we always stand on wot we lost & thus lose what we get. Living the way lyf comes is simple, but accepting it the way u need is hard so dont go the way life takes you, take life the way u go. Don't count wot u lost, cherish wot u hav & plan wot u want coz past never returns but future may replenish the loss, so don b sad for wot is over, just be glad tht it was once yours. Forget ur own unhappiness by creating a little happiness for others coz wen u r gud to others, u r best to yourself..n do remember wen u want to be happy, everything around u makes u happy..... And when u want to cry, everything around u makes u cry even more... Food For Thought: People r made to be loved & things r made to be used but the problem in this world is peolpe r being used & things r being to be loved!!