Hello, We are the Speak up BIT Team. We focus on the problems of BIT and how can it be solved.All ideas are welcome. We want to hear it from you what content would you like here.

And yes we are interested in you. We want to present your ideas to the World. We want to show the World how much strength our own guys have.

Do you have something you want to show to the World (no, we are not interested in that!) Lets try that again. Are you a student of BIT Mesra? Do you have any talents you want to show to the World? Here is your golden chance.

Be it Writing or painting or some beautiful photography you are interested in, let it be known to everyone. Drop us a mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. It's your time to be a known face in BIT. Make it happen.

Contact us on: shivamkmr7@gmail.com (or)