Shivam Mishra

New Delhi

I am a kind of fun loving guy who loves to fulfill his desires with full enthusiasm . Dedication is one of my first priority with which i cater my needs in fulfilling the level of satisfaction which one needs in his/her life.I am passionate about my work and every one appreciate it. This appreciation boosts up my morale and makes me comfortable in the work being done by me.

Active participation in the field in which i excel becomes my first priority.I do have several achievements in sports that too specially in hockey and atheletics.I do have achieved cirtificate in hockey starting from inter school competition to zonal ,interzonal and CBSE level, where as i have participated in CBSE cluster of atheletics.I do have participated in takewondo during my early school days,currently participated in basketball at collage level.We have formed a club in our collage related to electronics which is "Electronics Hobby Club", being the president of this club i like to encourage other students too to take part in this club as this club helps to make electronics easier to learn with fun with full of practical knowledge.

I don't like to read much of the novels but like to repair my own gadgets which doesn't work , i do like to implement electronic circuits and try to know the know the over all working procedure of the stability and working. This is the my side of interest which i like to do often with great enthusiasm.

My hobbies are some what diffent from others as what i like to do becomes my hobby at that moment of time.I like to learn correcting equipments and the simplest way to get the solution of it.I like to entertain my friends when they are upset ,as i cant see any of my friends grieving in pain of some problem they are going through.The best part is i love my friends company and enjoy every moment spent with them.