Shivangi Chaurasia

Student in Rajkot, India

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Shivangi Chaurasia (n.) Someone who is drawn towards creativity and exploring new things.

Currently in Rajkot, Gujarat; pursuing final year in CSE from RK University, Rajkot. Looped between codes and algorithms, finding escape through words and art.

Technically, she is a programmer having knowledgeabout C, C++, C#.NET, JAVA, ASP.NET, Android, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP; comfortable with Windows OS and Linux OS. She is learning Photoshop/Illustrator and UI/UX concepts to put her creativity on screen. She also loves watching movies and series related to Technology and Science. Her inquisitive mind never stops learning, the reason why her left brain tends to work harder.
(Somewhere in Stack - Python, Ruby on Rails, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Ethical Hacking and maybe if you say something that I find interesting.)
p.s Typing speed 60wpm, as of now. Wants to reach Eminem level of typing. (additional info, if that counts)

Other times, she is found doodling whatever comes in her mind. Being an artist gives an extra weight to her right part of the brain. She also writes poetry and blogs. (Could also write a book someday! Want autograph?) Loves to travel and click photographs, and eat (a big foodie!), as long as there are (enough) bucks in her pocket. She is fond of good (mostly English) music (I repeat, good music, not necessarily famous ones). Self-taught Amateur guitarist. Played video games in childhood; GTA Vice City, NFS, Roadrash in school times; a little of AOM, FIFA and CS. Interested in watching sports and familiar (not expertise) with football, tennis, basketball and motorsports (Think you can fill the knowledge gap? All ears). She also spends her lazy time watching English sitcoms and giving TV references (How you doin'?).
p.s My childhood version learned Bharatnatyam for over a year. Cool girl!

(Blend of technical and soft skills.)

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