Lisbon, Portugal.


Lisbon, Portugal.

Shivani is CEO, founder and Workshop leader of Tantra LoveWay, offering workshops in several countries in Europe and Brasil.

She gives private sessions of LoveWay- Holistic Therapy and Love Coaching- Tantra for couples.

The Tantric way to the heart is a path of acceptance, openeness, connection, Love and Life Celebration.

Shivani celebrates the Heart, the Inner dance of Shiva & Shakti, the Love and the Energy, leading groups into an Awakening and Deepening process towards the Tantra Loveway.

Shivani´s aim is to facilitate an energy field trough Tantra LoveWay, where your heart can be touched, in a way that allows you to be more open, present and aware.

She has a Law degree, worked in Consulting, Marketing and Events Organization and leads LoveWay Center in Lisbon, a Meditation, Yoga, Therapies and Workshops´ Center.

She has had training over the last 12 years in Portugal, Europe, USA, Brasil and India at OSHO Multiversity Puna and Dharamsala, in several areas from Yoga, Breathing and Meditation Techniques, Quantic Healing, Chakras Alignment, Body Therapies, Bioenergetics, Shamanism, Tantra, Energy Reading and Healing, etc.

She is an OSHO Primal Breath, OSHO Active Meditations and TANTRA facilitator, areas in which her main work is based.

Since ever, she feels an inner energy that leads her to explore, to discover the human potential, to search for conscious evolution and to share it with others.

Amongst other inspirations, Shivani is an OSHO sannyasin, committed to Meditation, Life and Love. In this path, her Tantra Training, following the teachings of OSHO, with Homa & Mukto has been a divine gift. Nowadays she is training also with Mahasatva Ma Anand Sarita.

Her greatest learning trough TANTRA, the Cience of Love, was to feel the openness, the presence, the expansion of the heart and the possibility of entering in connection with Existence and Love.

So, today, here and now, Tantra LoveWay is the way Shivani lives and shares with heart fulness, leading groups, workshops, retreats, private sessions and Love Coaching for couples, in several countries