Shivani Malhotra

Hi! My name is Shivani. I am 19 years old. I love to paint, draw, sketch and sing. My favorite subject is Lang. arts. I was born in Italy and came to america at age 3. I hate pizza except for pepperoni or chicken. I am the biggest fan of beef, chicken, lamb and goat. I barely ever eat veggies. I am not fat, pretty sexy I would say. My bra size gets bigger every summer too. I am more of a push-up bra kinda gal. I have a boyfriend, he is sexy too. I live in New York. I got held back one grade, so I am in high school. Though my grandparents are from mumbai, India, I am totally american. I have light brown hair, and light skin. I am a cute sexy american girl. An additional detail is, I am not such a big fan, but I have had sex before. I have had 14 boyfriends. In summary: This ia my life as a SEXY American Teen. Not so smart, but yes, smart in a way.