Shivani Pal

Society addresses me as Shivani, Shibu, Shivu, Shanu and as many more bunch of letters. Describing myself is one of the most uncomfortable tasks for me (Atleast to start with it..). Phew.. Fine, here it goes:

I shall describe myself as : A simple girl with eyes twinkling with big dreams, kind of an ambivalent personality. I am passionate about books (boy, I dream of having my own cosy library someday), dancing (it is kind of a spiritual activity for me), food (I kinda have a sweet tooth. God forbid, if i get diabetes someday, I shall die out of starvation!), animals(err, should be kinda clean..), art,architectural stuff (my dream trip is to go to Italy and similar places to get the renaissance time taste).

And... hmm.. who said I have to finish writing this now only.. will keep adding to it..:)