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My Name is Shiva Prasad. I was born in 1989 january 2nd in a rural village called Akinepalli, Warangal district in AndraPradesh-506366 and my mother tongue is TELUGU, I am the younger son of my parents my mom Ms. Shashidevi is a house wife and my father Mr. Narayana is a former and my only brother Mr. Veerender working in one of the software companies in Bangalore.

In my village we have a small house which is constructed with panties from there only I was started my life. When I was very small my parents used go to agricultural works so my grandmother and grandfather (Ms. Venkatamma and Mrs. Kistaiah) takes care about me and sometimes I used to go one of my brother-in-law called as Mr. Srinivas’s kiranam shop and I play with him.

I was stared my education when I was at 4 years old , along with my brother I used to go to school and my first teacher name is Mr. Ravinder he runs a private school in my village. I studied there upto my 1st standard and after that I joined in another private school which is owned by Mr. Ramesh there I studied only for 6 months after that I changed the school because of health problem they closed the school and after that because of all the issues of schools my parents decided to join my brother into a hostel located in Jammikunta which is nearer town to us. Then we started Constructing a house with cement in Ippalapalli in the Year of 1995-1996.
We shifted after completion of constructing new house there another school is there owned by Mr. Rangaiah I joined there but first day itself he scolded me like anything so don’t want to go to that school again.
Then I was joined in another school running by Mr.Ravinder in my 2nd standard.There Mr. Komuraiah was the teacher for me and he don’t have one leg so used to walk with stick but we play with that stick only and I completed 2 years there only. One more thing is I’ll play cricket very well from childhood onwards. when I completed my 3rd standard in my village another school started newly so that school management daily comes to my home ask my parents join me in their school finally joined in new school owned by Mr. Samba Shiva. Then my old school management comes to my home to join me their school. I have some friends like wherever I go they will come with me because of this 2 school management people interested to join me their schools. Like that I changed my school in my 4th standard 4 times so finally me father decided to join me govt. s

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