Shivie Dhillon

Shivie Dhillon, managing partner of Sundial Powder Coatings in Los Angeles, runs what is considered by many in the industry to be one of the best if not the best powder coating shop in the United States. Shivie’s philosophy is “quality without compromise” and this is evident in that he is the only powder coater in southern California to offer an innovative and advanced 7-stage water pretreatment system which translates to longer lasting and more aesthetically pleasing consumer powder coated products. Consumers and commercial interests come from all over the country to have their products powder coated by Sundial. "Since I was 8 eight years old, I have been around powder coating. Unlike most kids that go camping during their summer vacations, my parents brought me to 'the shop'. My first position with my parent’s powder coating company was the daunting task of filing paperwork. I quickly advanced and gained the trust of the rest of the staff to start handling customer parts. By my 4th summer, I was managing masking needs. Once I graduated from college with a computer science and accounting degree I had already been around powder coating for over 16 years. There was nothing else I would rather do. When I moved into a partner position I moved to outside sales and this is when I started to realize the limitations of this young industry. Many people had heard of powder coating but were not sure it was for them, and to make things worse, they already had had a bad experience. I knew this industry had a lot of potential but systems needed to be created. I tapped into my CS degree and created the first and only software designed for the powder coating industry, called The software was a hit and with the help of the Powder Coating Institute and systems were beginning to take form. Most commercial users have become experts in the application. I felt like I was only half way to my goal, though. The consumer market for powder coating was immature and for good reason. During the uncontrolled expansion of the powder coating industry many shops popped up without regard to quality and service. These shops have left consumers apprehensive of the process and so the next project was born, Powder Coating Zone. We are now able to tackle this market head on, giving the consumer the control and assurance they need and deserve."