Shiv Shankar M S

I am interested in bringing out happiness to all those associated with me - my friends, colleagues, partners, customers, businesses and everybody else.


I feel, my story is the best answer.

Founded Waybeo, rejecting two jobs from TCS and Capgemini because I thought it was always better to follow my dreams. Starting up was not easy, let me say. It took a lot of gumption and might. Mistakes were my best companions. They taught me more than anything could - "The Basics" and of course, "The basics of entrepreneurship."

Started out as something so silly by selling T Shirts, but made a mark there by making a profit of 1.5 Lakhs. The aim was to grow big in the field of Wireless Communications, wanted to be a strong player. I now stand tall, having achieved part of my dream. But as they say miles to go before I sleep.

The best part, the best lesson could be something so simple - create smiles in the faces of our co-creators and our clients. Their delight is the best formula that drives me. 24x7.

Now I want us to be an exceptionally excellent team, the mighty team that would conquer the world market of communication technologies with our extremely simplified and effective product "BounzD" which I think, would revolutionize the way Businesses communicate.

Entrepreneurship can come across as dead simple, yet it hides a lot of pitfalls where people tend to fall while they are on the go. Learn from others mistakes because making them all on your own could turn out to be really expensive.
I believe that selling takes a lot of guts, and when done the right way, requires a lot of creative energy accompanied with proper marketing and branding strategies.

I am proud to stand here as a product born in this kind of experience, most of them testing ones, and qualified enough to take the flag forward. I am always open to all exploring exciting Opportunities
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