Shiya Fan

Student and Volunteer in 蒙彼利埃, 法国

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I am Fan Shiya, a 22 years old girl from China. I did my bachelor degree in Xi’an International studies University and my major is accounting. During four years study in collage, my English skills and professional accounting knowledge have improved a lot. I took all my lessons in English and I studied ACCA courses by myself. I have passed all the tests and got certificate from this institute. In addition, I was awarded by scholarships because my outstanding academic performance at school.

I think that in order to be a professional accountant, learning knowledge from text book is not enough. I have done my internships in PWC. It is the largest accounting firm in the world. During my internship, I have been to some famous companies such as Coco Cola and Hainan Airline and work as an auditor. I learnt not only how a company’s financial system works, but also how to get along with customers and colleagues. I became a good team-player, be responsible and always concern for others.

I love traveling and I have been to many countries such as the USA, Netherlands, Spain, Japan and Malaysia. I am interested in different cultures and respect culture difference. In high school, I have one year experience of studying in America and I am doing my second bachelor degree in France right now. From these experiences, I learnt to be independent, managing my time and life and also endure the culture shock. I get along well with friends all over the world, and I am willing to work in different countries.

Learning language is one of my hobbies. I can speak Chinese, English, French and a little bit Japanese. Of course, I am willing to learn more languages in the future.

I want to be a professional accountant in a multinational company. I believe that I am definitely the right person you are looking for. Please do not hesitate to contact me!

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