Student in 蒙彼利埃, 法国

I always think about why I chose to learn Finance when I faced to the college entrance examination. Some of my friends persuaded me to give up this idea because there are too many people compete in this field and the successful image in the movies was just a movie. However, I am not just appealed to the legends of Wall Street, I always believe this is my road even if many people have been ahead of me.

You will never know what you can do, if you do not push yourself.

Mainly, it is the charming challenge in finance that attracts me for years. Finance is just like a puzzle, fascinating but also rejective. My instinct that pursues the sense of achievement forces me to dig up the secret of finance. I know I am gifted. My good memory, curiosity and creative ideas ensure my passion and innovation never go short.

Meanwhile, the habit that keeping learn something else helps me see further. I would like to say the quality of your thinking results from many factors. I learn an interesting way to concentrate from a novel. Like “white noise blocks out other irritating noises and helps relax and concentrate”. The knowledge of other fields takes part of my leisure time, but they will show the unique value to you in the future.

I believe today's complex context necessitates collaboration across professional knowledge, the different angle of thinking and inspiration. That is why I enjoy the debate and competition with others. Through the communication with diverse think tank, defining complex problems, it would be much easier to solve problems.

Life is not merely about work. The relaxation sports at leisure time guarantees the optimistic attitude and the smiles which in my opinion is necessity in life. I am young and I am fearless.

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