Shiyi Tan

Software Engineer, Designer, and Volunteer in San Francisco, California

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I am Shiyi Tan(go by Cici), a programmer, designer, and life artist.

I was born in 1993, which is a lucky year for my family.

I am studying computer science at USF, pursuing my master degree. And also got my bachelor degree of electronic engineer in China, so I am full of hardware and software energy.

I enjoy thinking and working ahead of others and even the world, which kind of making my brain to operating a lot. That's fun, isn't it? I did research in data visualization and image processing, and built Yap website which is based on Yelp in course project. In my bachelor study, I made some hardware products like digital clock and intelligent function producer.

Recently, I am doing some research about virtual reality. I got some amazing ideas about it which can be applied into bunch of fields - food industry, products verification, online business, etc. I believe virtual reality is going to be a trend in this digital world, but at the same time we should consider more side effects coming with it.

By the way, this is fun that I called my self a life artist. I may regard my life as a art work, and I paint different colors every single day, where I believe these colors are sources of my happiness and sadness. I embrace every kind of feeling even though it is relatively negative.

Welcome to talk with me if you are also a colorful person, enjoying traveling cooking and challenge, we can explore this world more.

  • Education
    • University of San Francisco