Shiyuan Guo

Hi, i was born on 31 1988 ,and my birthplace is Foshan which also is the birthplace of some famous chinese kungfu masters.I had lived in Beijing for 6 years since 2007.Then I finished BA on Digital Media(Animation) at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2012.After the graduation, I worked for about one year such as illustration,graphic design and space design.

I'm fond of animation,especially the black and white 2D animation.In my works, my idea and concept are inspired by my daily life observation, dreams, books I read or on whims. I want to put an influence on my audiences through my works, to see what I saw; feel what I felt; know what I knew. And hopefully trigger their extensive thinking. I don’t believe there is a fixed direction on the artistic expression method, because I think that there are varied ways to present of beauty. Any ways of expression can be suitable, as long as they are appropriate to the idea.

In my MA course, I intend to explore more innovative way to express my ideas and concepts,such as combine with animation and digital technology.