nessa 🅱️

Student in Germany

nessa 🅱️

Student in Germany

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i'm vanessa kelsey (many call me nessa or kels)

- thiS (@/nefuren) IS A SPAM ACC not sum random ass fanpage lmao

- first dm then request + only follow if you want to be friends though

- 011, ishida, mari, yonaga and lapis are my bbys,, they all deserve love and need to be protected (also those are just my favfav)

- ishida from knk is my husband also i post many pics from him

- @bubblyteru is my wifey💞

- i do amv's and they're bad but yeaH,, i poSt eM oN🤔

- i lovE aLL MY friEnDs

- don't request if you don't want to be friends duH

- i love danganronpa and steven universe⚡️

- love live is my all time fave

- yonaga angie = protecc heR

- i'M probAbLy LiT aF🔮

- i love to text like t h i s or like tHiS

- i love food and lily

- lapis lazuli is babe

- mari ohara is the reason i breath

- i'm @maidtextpost/@lotushoe maybe you remember me, i had 54k and lost them if you want to know what happened: (read the caption and swipe for the emails they sent me)

- my puns are goLD

- nico is the sapphire to my ruby😌💞

- sukasuka and htgng = 👁👄👁💞


- i'M happY that i knOw miche, azul, lily, haekal, etc agAin