my name is sarah I'm from United Arab Emirates, and am Proud ♥!* the dream is around in the world, study in USA ♡ In love with Apple  & Dubai Lover ♥ ... my project in " coffee cup "

My Vision: To build a typical mankind that has goo faith in his religion,manners and behavior with his Lord ,himself and thesociety.

My Mission: The differences in peoples behavior and religions does not mean that we disagree to a typical issue, my message is that human realizes that all peoples are all in one level and peace among everyone is the main requirement.

My goal: I carry a massage to create a professional creative idea which is to carry my cup of coffee to allow everyone todrink from it no mater what is their religions even disability group, my aim is that everyone knows that despite the different cultures and reality that other nations are lived with we all are one mankind who seeks the peace.

Thanks for all your support ;

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