Shuan Hladki

Grand Rapids, Michigan

I have played sports ever since I was five. I went to Adrian College to pursure my dream of playing college football where I was elected one of the captains of the team in 2012 and helped the team win it's first outright conference championship since 1989 and host it's first NCAA playoff game in school history.

After football ended I figured that was the end of my playing day's, however I realized I had fallen into the trap that most college athletes fall into. The "worry about your future when your career is done trap" and I had no idea what I was going to do after it was over.

A week or so later our Head Coach handed the seniors tryout flyers for an Arena football team in Saginaw and one of my teammates and good friends Joe Makowski decided to at least go check it out.

After the tryout we received word that we had been invited to camp and it started in January of 2013 and we had a decision to make if we were to go and pursue this, we would have to leave Adrian in our final semester.

We both decided to give it a chance, on the grounds it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, however what happened from there is why I'm where I'm at today.

We packed up and moved to Saginaw only to find out we didn't have a place to live, no visible means of income or food. We lived out of our cars in the middle of January, bouncing from $30 motels to calling homes for rent knowing we werent going to live there but simply wanted a place to take a nap.

We decided that enough was enough and found a place behind Saginaw Valley State University however, having to call your parents to help you pay for a deposit is incredibly embarrasing. We moved into an apartment with no furniture or beds while still not having any food to eat.

That second night I cried myself to sleep out of complete hunger and hopelessness. The next morning Joe told me to have a Herbalife shake and I laughed at him. He explained that if I was as hungry as I said I was I would have a shake. So I took the shake and to my surprise I felt full and had great energy. He then helped me get on my own nutritional program and after two weeks noticed a huge difference in how I felt and how I was looking and decided to tell everyone I possibly could about these products.

I went from19% BF to 8%, being homeless and broke to making steady $2,000/mo and growing income just by helping others achieve what they want!

Thank you Herbali

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    • Herbalife SP Supervisor
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    • Montague Middle School
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    • Muskegon Community College
    • Adrian College