Alex Brothwood

Hi everyone,

My name is Shmiggle, (SHHHHHmiggle not smeagol from LOTR) you can call me Shmiggle, Shmig, Shmiggy w/e tickles your pickle.

Im a long time gamer, getting my commodore 64 at the age of 5/6, playing through the NES - SNES, PS1 - PS2, then transitioning into PC game play.

I love RTS and RPG's with the odd FPS thrown in there, i started with the command and conquer series and also wasted half my youth with the FF series (clocking over 4k hours on FF7).
After transitioning to PC i played more RTS (EE, AoE and more C&C) then moved onto MMORPG's where Shmiggle was born (may 27th 2005) after a drunken night of talking about captain hook talk to smeagol.
Im a fun, down to earth guy who loves playing video games in my spare time, and blogging on such websites.

I am currently a GM on Private MMORPG's such as Jade Dynasty, War of the Immortals, and i am also the Community Manager of the gaming clan "UncutGaming"

I enjoy spending my time help out the communities on all formats and have a good time playing games with my friends