Sherif Mucalla

Consultant, Writer, and Volunteer in Albania

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It’s a privilege for me to be at contact to you. I'm looking for an opportunity,(flexible position) as a part of international team.

I have several skills,many years work experiences in the education sector,negotiation conflict, researcher , real estate and more.

My level education is the Doctorate Diploma and I have also, informal education (not diploma, but as an independent study ) in Philosophy of Law, war & peace, negotiation conflict, criminality, anti-fraud, investigation and management Skills, and more.
I have always enjoyed and strongly believe in effectiveness of working as a team.

I have many years experience and am very comfortable coordinating and working with international persons, groups and organizations. I can use my bilingual skills to build communication bridges between people of different backgrounds. I have about -14 years experience as a lecturer about Albania Universities -13 years experience with international people, negotiation conflicts and management real estate sector

-16 years as an Independent Researcher in social science.

I am interested in working as a lecturer , fellow researcher, management skills and more in those areas that involve conflict, negotiation management, Content Creator,Moderator, Advertiser, Insights Analyst.

In my opinion is a strongly idea, that I need to keep in my character all the time a high level of integrity and honesty.Time by time, I have been publishing in public media researcher articles about social problems, social problems of crisis today and have been creating debate team about it. Also, I have work experience about confidential and personal business matters. I want to thank you for the time to read this.

Please, feel free to write me if you have an opportunity.

Kid Regards

Dr. Sherif Mucalla