Buenos Aires

I'm Daniel Shin from Argentina. I live in Buenos Aires, Capital Federal.

I'm studying Economics at the University of Buenos Aires. And in my free time I'm learning piano & programming as a hobby.

For a long time, I wanted to be a filmmaker, although I've given up on that dream. That's why I'm relatively good at analizing films and taking pictures. I stopped studying filmmaking because I felt that I wasn't learning anything new. Also the career left out many important things aside, things like psychology & philosophy. The directors that I look up and admire are great intelectuals & artists, not technicians.

Some of my favorite movies are:

Some of my favorite anime are:

They aren't in any particular order. I also like many other movies, anime, manga, etc.

Right now, I'm studying Economics. But what I love is playing the piano. Although it's hard, music is what keeps me alive.

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    • Student
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    • Economics at the University of Buenos Aires
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