Shoaib Khalid

Who am I ? I am a learner. I am a student. Nowadays I am trying to get a degree in Computer Science. Why? To get a job. To be independent. Apart from that, I am a music maniac. Movies, TV Shows and a few caring friends, that's all I have got in my life. Whatever I observe and feel, I try to verbalize all those feelings and thoughts in my writings. What do I want to in my life? I want to explore the whole world. I want to spend my life singing songs with my loved ones, writing about all the precious moments that I have with them. I am confused about many things but I am not confused about my desires and wishes, they are all crystal clear. That's what I know for sure. Our desires are simple. Life is simple. There are no complications in it. It's just us who start creating complications to get them, not just for ourselves but for others as well.

It's getting a bit long, isn't it? So that's it for now.