Shoaib Qureshi

Student in Austin, Texas

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Hey! I’m Shoaib, kinda like sho-web if that helps. Some things that I enjoy outside of film and art are pizza, cake, biryani, dance, and watching videos of pygmy goats (because theyre awesome!). I’m a transfer student from New York living in Austin, Texas. I was born in Newark, NJ and raised in both Harlem and Newark for most of my life. So I basically came from the hood. I came to austin to get away and start a new adventure in life. Most of my life I was never able to please my parents with wanting to pursue a career in the creative arts, coming from an immigrant family. It made sense, My parents came from Pakistan on their own just to give their children the best education and future. They wanted stability and I wanted adventure. I loved the idea of creating something artistic and showing it to others. While they saw it only as a hobby, I worked my hardest to prove that art can lead to a successful career as well. Since then I managed to become a 2 time international exhibitionist with the SeeMe Exposure competition and TimeSquare takeover. I also was given the chance to work with Mauro Borelli (Concept artist for Sleepy Hallow, Pirates of the Caribbean) on projects like White Shoe Film and BattleField 4. I wanted to make my family feel proud of me for being different in a culture that doesn't socially accept art as a life long career. It took years of hard work but I was finally able to make my parents happy for letting me pursue my career in art and film. In a way, I will always be grateful for my family pushing me to chase my dreams no matter what and I'll always see that as one of the most important life lessons from me.