Shoaib Marfatiya

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


After spending a decade in Internet marketing finally, Isettled as freelancer with focusing highly on content writing and contentmarketing in modern SEO as well as SMO concepts. I have stepped in digital wordas digital designer, then writer, and now internet marketer, passing through abig tunnel of eminent companies’ jobs and astounding experiences withknowledge-rich teams. Today I have big picture of industry and willing to sharewith my esteemed patrons, willingly in their favor.

Content Writer Role

I am a wordsmith, doing content writing keeping SEO in mind.I amalgamate LSI keywords naturally with quality content as well as in appropriatedensity, and contexts. Therefore, I am focusing on cloying titles using primaryand contextual keywords to compel humans and bots to visit again-and-againThus, my content is ever getting momentum everywhere.

Work experience:


● SEObased web page content writing & other web content writing like Articles, Blogs, Press Releases, Meta for SEOcampaign, etc.

● Technicalcontent writing for web & mobile development including project proposals,etc.

● Copy-writingwork for tag-lines, slogans, banners, presentation, brochure, etc.

● Contentwriting for email marketing templates, making presentations, PPT,Info-graphics, etc. with help of technical teams, portfolio content, etc.

In depth:

I was a part of SEO team withPerception System Pvt. Ltd. For 8 months in 2009. After that, I have joinedIndiaNIC Infotech from Nov-2009 to May-2011. From August 2011 to May 2014, Ihave joined and now at present I am working with my offshoreclients as a freelancer.

Work Highlights:

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