Shoaib Ahmed Baig

Karachi, Pakistan

I am a business and marketing consultant. I have helped firms internationally and locally and made a great impact. Simply put, I helped them make more money.

That's what I do, I make money for my clients.

I also, as a part time, launch products online and help other people to make money from internet.

Sometimes when I am free I blog too, here's my blog.

I am active at Quora. I feel like, if I am able to change life of only one person my time will be worth it. You can see my Quora profile here.

I am a hustler. A true hustler. No one is able to see me the way I see myself. I feel like I am going to make something big in this life. I like speed. Anything I plan to do should be started from not today, but now.

Author of an upcoming book.

  • Education
    • Bachelors in business administration