Shoaib Khan

Entrepreneur in Toronto, Canada

Shoaib Khan is a Canadian entrepreneur, thought leader, philanthropist and business owner who works on a global scale to make a transformative difference in the lives of people and communities.

As founder and Chairman of the Board for the international relief organization Humaniti, he has helped uplift populations worldwide, providing critically needed aid and assistance in many countries. Humaniti seeks to advance the cause of human rights, promote social justice and empower communities in an array of developing nations.

He combines his philanthropic passion with a talent for business to incubate, launch and scale purpose-centric brands, companies and organizations focused on reaching out to people in desperate situations across the globe.

Previously, Shoaib Khan founded One Parent to support single-parent families in Canada and internationally, as well as The Good Group, whose mission was to empower individuals worldwide by fostering income and wealth creation.

When he established Humaniti in 2016, Shoaib Khan described his dreams for its mission: “With Humaniti, the aspiration is to build a brand where humanity is the shareholder, the customer, and the beneficiary. We are united in this endeavor to etch a positive mark on the fabric of humanity. Together, we will continue to strive for a world brimming with hope, love, and boundless possibilities.”

In business, Shoaib Khan has led projects in partnership with such marquee brands as Google, AOL, Dell, WB, Nestle, Unilever, Pepsi, Oxford Properties, Lennar, W Hotels, Tridel, Honda, General Motors, Audi, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Aeroplan, RBC, BMO, Ericsson, BlackBerry and Sprint. For M Worldwide Inc., he has personally managed a billion dollars in investments and ventures in real estate, media, marketing, technology, consumer goods and social enterprises.

In leadership roles, Shoaib Khan excels by applying his exceptional skills in design, development, project management, business development, sales, marketing, revenue management, financing, technology and customer service.

In 1999, Shoaib Khan founded Clearoute, where he currently serves as CEO. He provides visionary leadership for this Toronto consulting agency, which specializes in performance marketing, branding, sales, finance, technology and innovation. Clearoute’s success is based upon Shoaib Khan’s more than 30 years of experience and achievement.