Shobha Ponnappa

Consulting in Digital Marketing Breakthroughs is my forte.

My website is at, where I have detailed my case studies in Brand Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media and ROI & Loyalty. I also offer a FREE one-hour Skype Consultation to interested brand marketers to show them how I can help them make breakthroughs.

Working for 35 years with over 125 client brands on the extreme cutting edge of digital technology I have developed a breakthrough thinking style all my own. I can “imagineer” competition-transcending brand strategies that allow the brands I work on to float sublimely above the market, with least effort and maximum buoyancy, finding nothing but open spaces to grow larger in.


This is what I think …

"A solution effected in the playing field of the known and obvious is a solution starting with boundaries. Whereas, for a strategy to have a limitless canvas, it has to come from a whole new strata above the realms of normal thinking. It has to raise the level of possibility on many simultaneous and synchronous aspects – brand, consumer, content, social behaviour, commerce, ROI, advocacy. It has to be a dramatic altitudinal shift to get the widest arc of vision. My methodology is based on a top-angle view that escapes from the very epicentre of the challenge and floats out into the widest possible vista of thought. This personal knack of solution-engineering helps me strategize for the highest perspective – where breakthrough brands have nothing but space to expand in and waft through wherever the winds of the future can take them.”