Shobhit Puri

I am student Of Indian Institute Of Technology Allahabad,India pursuing my B.Tech in IT. Rather than telling you what I am, I will tell you what I think and that is how you will get to know me better. I believe that its not the lust of money, neither prestige nor fame for which entire human race is craving for.Its only "Happiness" which everyone wants and different people get it differently. whatever human do what so ever it be , earning money, playing , making relations, friends, whatever they do throughout the day they do to achieve happiness.So we should run behind getting happiness not behind the materialistic things. All the inhabitants of earth have some good and some bad qualities but some or the other quality in them is most appealing. A hint of a knowledge about me is that i am like a translucent curtain. Some who are able to remove it know my inner feelings and inner world and others who just pass by get mistaken by the person who is simply not me.I am a simple guy who lives with the with the thoughts of improving the world and giving my service to the people, in whichever manner I can through out my life(that is what will makes me happy ) . The other very important part of 'me' is that I Love changes a lot..!! be it anything..I hate doing same boring things everyday...(except the essentials..;-) -"each day should bring something new...!! ,,should have some adventure in it...!!! That's all about me.