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You go to shop, select a pair shoes, you give it a try and finally you buy it. It’s so easy, isn’t it? Alternately, you click on website, you select your shoe and you place the order, everything goes fine, so where is the problem? The problem is how to select the perfect size and shape for the shoe which also fits in your budget. So this article tells about how you could buy a perfect shoe online.

What are the efforts done by an online shoe retailer to get a perfect deal?

• Providing attractive range of shoes for Men and women.

• Keeping a good collection of shoes of different brands, better comfort and real-time fashion from all over the world to keep customer happy.

• Filters for rates, size and brands for everyone.

• Options for customer to fulfil his choice and find out best price and size after spending a lot of time adding items to his cart.

• Faster Shipping and delivery.

• Providing shipping and delivery policies of the online shoe store you're dealing with, and informing you about the item you're ordering is actually in stock and then delivering at your place.

• Return/Exchange Policies.

• Another important element to buying shoes online is knowing the ability to return or exchange them if they have a defect, or don't fit.

Most online shoe stores offers some kind of return policy.

What should be the efforts done from your end to end up having a perfect pair of shoes?

• Know the size of your foot.

Since you will not be able to try the shoes on before buying, it is important to know the exact size of your foot.

• What kind of shoe you want to buy?

Be prepared to select a shoe of your choice with some particular color or brand.

• Search prices before buying on other websites.

At least you should compare the deal on 2-3 other similar websites, and then make your decision.

• Read customer Review for the choice you made.

Best way to know about a shoe, its performance, quality and lifetime is to check out the reviews given by other customers. It helps a lot.

• If not happy with the deal, go through the return policies of the company.

Simple way, if you didn’t find the correct match or there is some defect, return or exchange by going through the policies.